Galerie Poggi

Anthony Goicolea


NOV 19TH - DEC 23RD, 2022

The Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Cuban-American artist Anthony Goicolea from Saturday, November 19th to Friday, December 23rd 2022.

Whether in his photographs, for which he gained quick recognition in the 2000s, or his paintings, to which he has been fully dedicated since 2019, Anthony Goicolea's works bear witness to a slightly distorted and disturbing reality. Their strangeness, or even absurdity, and sometimes anachronism, are not necessarily revealed at first glance, giving them a dreamlike, even mythological dimension.

Drawing from his personal history or that of his family who fled Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power, Goicolea depicts the fragility and resilience of characters who are often solitary, whom he represents in ambiguous situations that call into question their identity, their gender, or their social and cultural alienation.

But it is also in his technique that the trouble lies. His paintings are in some way a trace of his past photographic practice. Often nocturnal, his scenes seem to be backlit, as if they were the negative of a photograph, or even the negative of a painting, almost a sensitized imprint. This transitory state echoes that of the characters in Goicolea - between past and present, drama and innocence, solitude and brotherhood.

For any direct inquiries, please get in touch with Jérôme Poggi.